The NPFI-supported project conducted by Prof. Janet Davis has now completed.  Five Whitman College students redeveloped BMAC-Warehouse, a CO-FOSS product developed in 2015 by a different group of Whitman students.

In this new version of the software, students used different technologies  — primarily  a back-end database using Google Firebase and a front-end user interface using React running in a browser.  Students converted and redesigned the existing database into JSON format by writing a collection of Python scripts that can be found here.  The new version’s user interface code can be found at the project’s GitHub site.

The five-student team substantially completed the project over a 2-semester capstone course.  Two students are aiming to complete the project and deploy it later this year for productive use by the BMAC Warehouse director.  For a more detailed discussion of this project’s organization and outcomes, please see its final report.

This project provides new insights into the challenges of redeveloping an existing CO-FOSS product using a different organizational approach and software toolset.  For example, it was largely student-driven with little direct instructor involvement, which contrasts with the original 2015 project where the instructor had played a more active role.