The 2016 NPFI grant was awarded to Tina Ostrander, a faculty member in the Software Development Program at Green River College in Auburn, WA.  Tina taught the course IT 355: Agile Development Methods during the summer semester of 2016.

The instructor: Tina Ostrander

The instructor: Tina Ostrander

In this course, a 4-student team developed software for Kent Serves, a local non-profit organization with a mission of increasing communication, coordination, and collaboration among several local non-profit community service organizations.

The student team: Kimberly Praxel, Sergio Ramirez, Nicole Bassen and Chris Knoll

The process was agile and the students implemented an open source, secure, data­-driven web site for Kent Serves.  This new Kent Serves web site enables participating organizations to easily share resources and information, find related services, and connect with each other and with potential volunteers.

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The professional developer: Ron Quartel

This project was successful on many levels.  Students reflected positively on their experience, giving special attention to the presence of a professional developer in the class.  The web site they completed was well-received by Kent Serves representatives.  The open source code in the repository is freely available for reuse by other projects with similar design goals.  A final notable outcome is that most of the suggestions made in a review of the web site by an Accessibility consultant had already been implemented by the student team.