The NPFI-supported project conducted by Prof. Steve Huss-Lederman has now completed.  Beloit students helped develop the Open Energy Dashboard (OED), a pre-existing FOSS product used at six colleges and universities for acquiring, analyzing, and graphically displaying their energy usage.

OED technologies include Javascript, React, Redux, and PostgreSQL.  The OED was used in a two-semester Database Capstone course in 2018-19, which enrolled 17 students each semester.

Students worked in five teams, each of which addressed different aspects of the OED — graphics, data acquisition, and administration.  Each aspect required its team to focus on different combinations of technologies that covered OED’s database, API/server, and front-end features.

Students in the second half of the course were evaluated on the basis of their wiki entries, community participation, effort (measured by pull requests), and code quality.

Interested instructors can find more detailed information about this course and its shareable materials by downloading its final report.  Especially interesting in this report is the discussion of its similarities and differences from the CO-FOSS model used by other NPFI projects presented on this Web site.