FARMDATA is a web-based database system for entering and reporting crop production records, including seeding, transplanting, harvest, cover crop, compost, fertilization, irrigation, pest scouting, spray activities, packing and distribution records and customer invoicing.

FARMDATA is Free and Open Source software.  It was developed at Dickinson College by Professor Tim Wahls and Dickinson students during the period 2013-2017.  It remains in productive use at the Dickinson College Farm, and has also been used by several other organic farms.  To view and experiment with a live version of FARMDATA, go here.

In 2020, FARMDATA was used in a Dickinson database course as an example of the application of database principles in a real software product.  Later that year, NPFI began providing technical support for FARMDATA to help keep it running productively at the Dickinson Farm and elsewhere.

FARMDATA is slowly evolving as a new HFOSS product called FarmData2, thanks to a new educational initiative led by Dickinson Professor Grant Braught.  NPFI is a collaborator in the FarmData2 project, which aims to engage a new generation of students in the principles and practice of HFOSS development.