The article Bridging the Academia-Industry Gap discusses in detail the experiences of adapting existing FOSS code by instructors at three different universities — St John’s, UNH, and Bowdoin — to fit the needs of varying student populations and local non-profits.  This article also identifies this approach as the “CO-FOSS model,” and it further explains the effects of different class sizes and course organizations on project goals and outcomes.

Detailed teaching resources — course syllabi, weekly assignments, design documents, code bases, databases, etc — can be downloaded for the two projects completed at Whitman College in 2015:

The 2011 textbook Software Development: An Open Source Approach provides historical perspective on the earlier CO-FOSS projects that originated at Bowdoin College.  It may be used as a background and motivational resource for designing a 1-semester CO-FOSS style course, alongside the more up-to-date teaching resources described above.  Chapters 2 and 5 of this textbook can be freely downloaded from the site: