Are you a non-profit organization that has an outmoded or cumbersome mission-critical clerical task, such as volunteer scheduling, inventory management, or donation tracking? Do you have software that you don’t use because it is too cumbersome, costly, or poorly-fitted to your task?

NPFI can help.

NPFI will work with you to develop a software product that addresses that mission-critical task.

  • We will provide examples of what other NPFI products have accomplished for other non-profits.
  • We will work with you to develop a customized requirements document for new software.
  • We will provide advice on the trade-offs between a student-developed software product and an NPFI-developed product for meeting that task.
  • We will guide the development of that product by either:
    • Co-ordinating the project with a student development team at a local college or university, or
    • Completing the project ourselves by adapting an existing product, such as Homebase.
  • We will assist with installation of the software on the non-profit’s server or website.
  • All our work is pro bono.

The product of this effort is free and open source software, owned by the non-profit under a GNU General Public License.  The software will be installed by a professional developer on the non-profit’s server or website.  As needed, NPFI will help find a local software developer if the non-profit does not already have one managing its website.


  • A customized free and open source software product that directly supports the non-profit mission
  • Ongoing support for maintaining that software from a local developer
  • A great “good news” story for the non-profit’s donor community

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