Are you with a non-profit organization that has paper-based processes for volunteer scheduling or inventory management? Do you have software that you don’t use because it doesn’t meet your needs?

NPFI can help.

NPFI supports non-profit organizations by setting up a team that develops customized software that directly supports the non-profit’s mission.  We actively seek non-profit organizations willing to work with university or college computer science classes on a specific software project.  A designated contact at your non-profit helps the instructor identify a need for a specific software product, and then regularly meets with the class during the semester to help develop that product.

The software is free and open source.  After the class completes it, the non-profit engages in an ongoing relationship with a software developer to provide long-term maintenance and support for the software.  NPFI will help the non-profit identify that developer.

Benefits to the non-profit:

  • A customized software tool that directly supports the non-profit mission
  • Support in setting up a reasonable contract with a software firm that will allow for long-term cost-effective sustainability of the software
  • The benefits of greater connection with a local university/college, and a great “good news” story for your donor base


Identifying a project. NPFI will work with you to develop a project project to address your non-profit’s unique software needs – we can start by showing you some examples of what other classes have done to help you see what a class could do for you. We will then match you with a university or college instructor and class to start your  project.

Don’t have funding to support software deployment, hosting, and maintenance?  NPFI is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is eager to collaborate on grant proposals with you to secure funding for this type of special project.

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