The “Good Morning” program is a daily call-in program operated by the non-profit People Plus in Brunswick, Maine. The program helps ensure the well-being of elderly or disabled community members. Participants call in each morning to confirm their well-being; volunteers take the calls and follow-up if a participant is not heard from by a set time. In the past, volunteers recorded incoming calls and notes about each participant using paper-based daily logs. This was a cumbersome process and did not allow volunteers to easily see each participant’s call-in history or concerns.

To streamline the recordkeeping process and make participant records more easily available, students developed software to support volunteer and participant scheduling and recordkeeping. This software has made the check-in process faster and more efficient for both volunteers and program participants.

The Development Triad

  • The Non-Profit:  People Plus, Brunswick, Maine needed an electronic system to streamline recordkeeping.
  • The University: Bowdoin College, Brunswick, Maine developed the Homecheck application with four computer science students and an instructor during the Spring 2012 semester.
  • The Software Professional: In this case, the professor that led the class that developed Homecheck software also provides product support.

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