NPFI Partners with iBec Creative

NPFI has begun a new partnership with iBec Creative to take over the hosting and tech support for HomeBase, HomeRoom, FarmData, and this website itself. HomeRoom and HomeBase are used by the Ronald McDonald Houses in Maine, while FarmData is used by two farms in Pennsylvania and New York.  We are excited about this partnership […]

NPFI hosts FarmData for Tenmile Farm Foundation

NPFI has begun hosting FarmData for the Tenmile Farm Foundation in Upstate New York. This hosting support includes tech support in the form of bug fixing and minor improvements requested by Tenmile Farm Foundation’s staff. Tenmile Farm is a non-profit organic vegetable farm that grows food to help feed the hungry in New York City […]

NPFI Expands Mission and Staff

In response to a broadening need for quality software and technical support from non-profits and other public-facing organizations, NPFI has decided to expand its mission and staff.  This expanded mission will: Widen the client group to include non-profit, for-profit, and public organizations, and Broaden the CO-FOSS definition so that a single HFOSS project/product can both serve […]

NPFI Partners with the Long and Kimmy Nguyen Family Foundation

We are pleased to announce a new partnership between NPFI and the Long and Kimmy Nguyen Family Foundation. This partnership helps support NPFI’s new initiative to broaden participation by colleges in the middle-Atlantic and Northeast areas (from Virginia to Maine) to develop open source software to meet the needs of humanitarian non-profit organizations. For more […]