NPFI Participates in New NSF Project

The OpenPace project, titled “Broadening Participation through Authentic, Collaborative Engagement with Computing for the Greater Good”, has been awarded a National Science Foundation grant for a 5-year collaboration among five educational institutions (Drexel, Dickinson, Nassau, Western New England, and Worcester State) and five supporting organizations, including NPFI. OpenPace will develop an easier on-ramp for faculty […]

NPFI Launches New HFOSS Initiative

In Fall 2019, NPFI began working with the Dickinson College Farm to develop new open source farm management software that would extend the functionality of the current FarmData software.  FarmData was developed by Dickinson faculty and students and has been in productive use at the Farm since 2014. Development of this new software, called FarmData2, […]

Homebase Redeployed for RMH Boston Harbor

NPFI has just completed adapting the Homebase volunteer scheduling software to fit the needs of the Ronald McDonald House at Boston Harbor.  This adaptation was facilitated by RMH staff members Michelle Page, Olivia Brooks, and Tina Ledo, as well as the close fit with the version of Homebase that has been in use at the […]

Beloit College’s OED Project Completion

The NPFI-supported project conducted by Prof. Steve Huss-Lederman has now completed.  Beloit students helped develop the Open Energy Dashboard (OED), a pre-existing FOSS product used at six colleges and universities for acquiring, analyzing, and graphically displaying their energy usage. OED technologies include Javascript, React, Redux, and PostgreSQL.  The OED was used in a two-semester Database […]

Whitman College’s BMAC-Warehouse Project Completion

The NPFI-supported project conducted by Prof. Janet Davis has now completed.  Five Whitman College students redeveloped BMAC-Warehouse, a CO-FOSS product developed in 2015 by a different group of Whitman students. In this new version of the software, students used different technologies  — primarily  a back-end database using Google Firebase and a front-end user interface using React […]