Once a student-developed CO-FOSS app goes into productive use, the customer may require occasional technical support to fix a bug or add a new feature.

NPFI provides pro bono technical support for any non-profit using one of the following student-developed software products:

  • Homebase
  • Homeplate
  • Homeroom
  • FarmData

Any for-profit organization using one of these products may receive NPFI technical support for an individually-negotiated fee.

NPFI provides up to 1 year of pro bono hosting support during the initial development of a CO-FOSS project.  This support is aimed at facilitating agile student-client interaction while the product is being developed.  At the end of the development period, NPFI will assist the instructor and client to transfer the completed product to a commercial hosting service.

All inquiries about NPFI technical support or hosting support for a particular CO-FOSS project should be directed to Allen Tucker.