Ronald McDonald House, Portland, Maine

The Homeroom project reflects the continuation of an ongoing software development partnership between Bowdoin College and the Ronald McDonald House in Portland, Maine.  The Ronald McDonald House provides overnight housing for families whose children are undergoing medical procedures at the local medical center. For many years, room reservations for these families were made using a paper-based calendar system, which was combersome and labor intensive.

In 2011, a computer science class team at Bowdoin College developed an electronic room scheduling system to replace this paper-based process. This new system allows the non-profit to plan, predict, and report on room utilization more easily, benefiting both the organization’s volunteer team and the clients that rely on the House’s services.  Homeroom was upgraded and refined by a 4-student team in Fall 2013.

The Development Triad:

  • The Non-Profit: Ronald McDonald House, Portland, Maine required an electronic room reservation system to replace its manual paper-based system.
  • The College: Bowdoin College, Brunswick, Maine developed the Homeroom application with two computer science students and an instructor during the spring 2011 semester.
  • The Software Professional: Artopa, Inc., Portland, Maine provides web hosting support and tech support for embedding Homeroom into the House website./li>

Instructor/Developer Links: