New Website for The Aronson Award

NPFI developed and launched a new Web site for The Judie Aronson Initiative.  This initiative offers college scholarships for high school seniors who exhibit unusual commitment to social justice in their own lives.  For more information, please visit the Web site at

NPFI at POSSE Roundup: SIGCSE 2019

Allen Tucker gave a presentation on NPFI, its goals, and its projects at the POSSE Roundup at SIGCSE 2019.  NPFI Advisory Board members Grant Braught and Steve Huss-Lederman also gave presentations at this event.  Full copies of all the POSSE Roundup presentations can be downloaded at

H/FOSS Presentation at SIGCSE 2018

At the 2018 ACM SIGCSE Symposium, Grant Braught led a panel presentation about teaching H/FOSS courses at 5 different undergraduate institutions.  Bonnie MacKellar, Steve Huss-Lederman, and Allen Tucker also participated in the panel.  The full 18-page paper underlying that presentation will be published in the Spring 2018 issue of ACM Transactions on Computing Education.

New FOSS Textbook

A new textbook titled “Client-Centered Software Development: the CO-FOSS Approach” is being developed by Allen Tucker for CRC Press.  The book will provide detailed guidance for instructors, students, non-profits, and software professionals on the process of how a student team can develop a custom software product for a single client in a 1- or 2-semester course.  […]