In response to a broadening need for quality software and technical support from non-profits and other public-facing organizations, NPFI has decided to expand its mission and staff.  This expanded mission will:

  1. Widen the client group to include non-profit, for-profit, and public organizations, and
  2. Broaden the CO-FOSS definition so that a single HFOSS project/product can both serve several clients, and span several semesters 

To achieve this expansion, NPFI has been reorganized to:

  1. Provide free/affordable hosting for all project clients — current and future.
  2. Provide technical support (bug fixing and adding new features) for all hosted products — current and future.
  3. Add a part-time Project Coordinator to help identify and initiate support for new clients with needs for similar HFOSS products. 

An example of this broader mission and vision is FarmData, which NPFI now provides to both the Spiral Path Farm and the non-profit Ten Mile Farm Foundation.  These two organizations receive FarmData hosting and tech support through an arrangement between NPFI and iBec Creative.

Finally, we welcome Grant Braught into the new role of Project Coordinator — he understands the various existing HFOSS projects and products hosted by NPFI, and will be on the lookout for new candidates for future NPFI hosting and technical support.