To apply for a faculty grant or a student grant from NPFI, the instructor must be a full-time or adjunct instructor who plans to develop and teach a CO-FOSS course in the upcoming academic year.

The faculty grant proposal should identify:

  • the instructor’s name, title, and home institution,
  • a for-credit software development or special projects course that the instructor will teach,
  • a non-profit organization that will collaborate with students during that course,
  • a brief description of a software app that will be developed by students in collaboration with the non-profit.

The student grant proposal should identify, in addition to the above:

  • the name of a student who will continue working on this app after the course has completed,
  • the start and end dates during which the student will complete this additional work,
  • other institutional resources, if any, to be provided to the student during this period, and
  • a brief description of the work to be completed during this period.

Faculty grant proposals should include the following additional documentation:

  1. A brief letter from the non-profit that supports the project and agrees to collaborate in its development.
  2. A summary of the course timeline (e.g., a draft syllabus) that identifies how much of the software app will be completed by the end of the course.
  3. A summary of the technical preparation that students will bring to the course, and an estimate of how many students will participate in developing the app.
  4. A statement that the app will be free and open source (FOSS) licensed and hosted on GitHub or a comparable public code-sharing repository for future reuse.
  5. (Optional) Identification of a professional developer who will serve as a resource for the project.

Please submit the completed proposal as a single PDF file, no longer than 8 pages, to both of the following persons:

Allen Tucker:
Jennifer Tucker: