Proposals will be evaluated using the following criteria:

  1. Feasibility: Likelihood that the project will generate a working software product by the end of the course.
  2. Appropriateness: Degree to which the project fits the non-profit’s needs and meets the course’s academic goals.
  3. Non-profit Viability: Likelihood that the non-profit will actively engage with the product, and will incorporate it into its day-to-day activities after deployment.

Project Timeline:

NPFI currently has $5,000 grants available for the upcoming calendar year. Half of each grant will be available to the instructor at the Start Date to enable developing a requirements document for the project and a detailed syllabus for the course itself. The other half will be provided after the Completion and Deployment Date.

Start Date: The first day of the term (e.g., semester, summer, or full academic year) when students will begin working on the project.

Completion and Deployment Date: The date when students will complete their work on the project (e.g., end of semester, summer, or academic year).


Upon completion, the instructor will be asked to provide NPFI with a brief summary of the project’s outcomes, along with a link to the project’s code base and other documentation as appropriate.

The goal here is to provide NPFI with information that can be more widely disseminated, enabling other instructors to use it as a model for future software development courses. Since the software is open source, future student teams will be able to reuse all or parts of it as a starting point.

For more detailed guidance:

This website has several resources that can provide guidance for instructors wishing to apply for this grant:

Note to instructors: Would you like to talk about your project or ask questions? Feel free to contact Allen Tucker at to discuss your ideas before submitting a proposal.